Welcome to the Late To Bloom Website.

We are a South Carolina based band that write, produce, record, and perform our own songs.

Take a few minutes to listen to our music, look at our photos, and watch our videos. Then take a look at our calendar and make your plans to see us live. Follow us on twitter, like us on Facebook, and visit our Reverbnation page as well.

Late To Bloom...

From the Upstate of South Carolina, Greenville area rock band, Late to Bloom, have been writing and recording their own unique blend of rock and roll for over a decade. Brothers Jeff and Jamey Bailey started their first band Christmas morning in 1985, when they received their first guitar and Drum set, respectively. It was back then, in the heyday of heavy metal, they cut their teeth learning to mimic the screaming guitars, thundering drums, and bombastic behavior of groups like Motley Crue, Guns and Roses, and Metallica.